Wednesday, August 5, 2015



I entered the portals of college,
gauche, gangly, giggly, unsure, tense…
What lies within the hallowed walls
of this college called Providence?

Pleasant lawns, tall trees, quaint old buildings
nestled softly in the arms of Nature.
The songs of birds filled my ears,
painting a calm and quiet picture.       

Fairytale pathways and cobblestone steps,
Under branches filled with fragrant flowers.
And wherever I looked, dotting the scene,
colourful clusters in little bowers.

Gracious sisters, attired in white or black
moved across my bemused vision.
Gentle voices as they direct and guide,
as they went about their God-given mission.

Soon the place rang with joyous young voices
Solemn lessons, dramas, contests and friends!
Of Laughter and fun there was no lack,
no want of style and high fashion trends!

Four years - too short, too fast they fled!
Four halcyon years in that paradise
gave me wings, polished my rough edges,
gladdened my heart; made me wise!

I left that pristine and lovely place,
with the high principles, courage, enlightened mind
gleaned from the guiding lights that moulded me.
But I left a big piece of my heart behind!

Minnie Isaac T 
English Literature Class of 1975 

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